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Cafe experience

Working at Z&H

Working at Timezone 8

Coffee Tours


Kopi Luwak Part 1: Bali

New York

The Manhattan Coffee Pilgrimage

O Cafe

Harry Potter Goes to Williamsburg


Chi-Town Coffee


Coffee Beans in Beantown

Bloomington, IN

Home Brewing

Kopi Luwak, Part 2: Chicago

Clever Coffee

Chemex Creations

Learning From the Masters

Coffee Reviews


Fire and Ice: Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Granita

Fair Trade Coffee

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  1. December 27, 2010 6:59 pm

    Hey you,

    It’s Patrick from z&h. On the off-chance you’re in town, it looks like I’m headed to Avec with a massively loyal z&h customer and his girlfriend tonight. We’d love a fourth and, prompted by my current perch in the window of 51st Istria, I immediately thought of you. He works at Booth and she’s a 4th year studying history. And we’re all major foodies 😉 Anyway, text me if you want to come: 773.209.6443.

    Hope all’s well! The blog is extremely impressive, btw…


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