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Learning From the Masters

December 26, 2010

So much coffee geekery. It’s a cult, I tell you, a cult.

In the past month, I’ve sampled more coffees and brewing methods than I would have thought possible away from a city. And the best part? I didn’t pay a cent.

A few weeks ago, Alex (professional barista from Seattle, took a year off to make coffee in Portland, and is writing his senior thesis on cafe culture) and Neo (who has his own blog, Coffee and Cinema) developed Coffee Thursdays. At 9 am we meet up to OD sensibly (if that isn’t an oxymoron) on caffeine. At any given time each of us has a stash of different beans, which we sample together.

Side-by-side Hario and Clever Dripper comparison.

Cascara, AKA “crack tea,” tea made from dried coffee cherry husks. More caffeine than coffee.

Cupping spoon.

Pourover session with Portland baristas– including Alex Pond, Northwest Barista Champion! This was actually for our student-run cafe’s African benefit where they were serving a Stumptown Kenyan. I shamelessly snuck into the training session even though I don’t work there…

Lots of coffees were unphotographed: Cafe Grumpy Guatemala pourover, Cafe Grumpy Heartbreaker Blend cold-brew (HEAVEN ON EARTH– tastes like chocolate), Stumptown Yirgacheffe…

Merry Christmas, everybody. Hope it’s a good one.

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  1. benjamin Fillekes permalink
    July 21, 2011 12:15 am

    mm… good. I condone all of this. Tell me, is anyone playing around with cascara cold brews??


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