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The Porridge Poem

August 20, 2010

Also known as zhou (pronounced “joe”), jook and congee, Asian porridge might be one of the world’s most versatile, multi-purpose foods. It’s great for any meal, when you’re sick, or just wanting something light and comforting. Drawing inspiration from One Fish, Two Fish:

Rice zhou, bean zhou, white zhou, green zhou

Hot zhou, cold zhou, bought zhou, sold zhou

Some are salty and some are sweet. Some have fish and some have meat.

Some are fresh and some are canned. And some are very, very bland.

Why are they fresh and canned and bland? I don’t know. Ask the food stand.

Some have duck and some have clam. The clam one can also have ham.

They make my heart go flutter flutter.

Don’t ask me why.

Just eat another.

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  1. Robert Gordon Vavra permalink
    September 21, 2010 3:18 am

    Fantastic poem!

    Hehe, eat another.


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