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Did you miss me?

February 4, 2010

I can’t promise that I will be consistent, but I can promise you one thing.

I missed blogging.

But I lost my camera I was busy applying to colleges I got lazy.

UPDATES: No longer a vegetarian. Not going into reasons why. Only that my diet has changed very little, but I can eat whatever the hell i want.

Just think: soy sauce chicken with chestnuts, the Mae Wilson sandwich at Z & H (organic turkey, guacamole, chipotle mayo, romaine, cheddar), pai gu tang (sparerib and cabbage broth), and Daube (French beef stew with carrots).

Every once in a while, of course.

In other news, the lake has looked like this lately:P1010280

My mom recently paid a visit to foodie Mecca: Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. She returned bearing goat cheese (made in house), sourdough, and…

100% dark chocolate! Incidentally, this is the same brand I bought in Portland! Have yet to research this, but it seems as though this is the only 100% dark chocolate intended for eating straight rather than baking.P1010316 P1010315

15$ oatmeal. Yes, you read that right… for that, each grain should be coated in gold, or at least sterling silver. On the other hand, it was pretty damn good, although nothing like I expected. In terms of processing, it’s a hybrid between steel cut oats and rolled oats, except that the oats have been toasted. Zingerman’s recommends keeping them in the fridge, since the oil can go rancid. I cooked up 4 servings (1 part oats to 4 parts water) and simmered the oats for about half an hour. The verdict? The texture was nearly identical to oat bran, which cooks instantly… but I could tell even from the smell that I was dealing with a different animal.

Faced with the dilemma of how to serve them (and ignoring Z’s instructions on the back of the canister to eat them unadorned, with only a sprinkle of brown sugar and a dash of cold milk), i was tempted to throw on leftover apple crisp and Greek yogurt. Then I realized that the only way to test these oats fairly would be to eat them the way I eat plain old Quaker oats or steel cut oats, when I choose to make them on Sunday afternoons: sliced banana, cinnamon, Greek yogurt and peanut butter. P1010317

Served, of course, with two shots of espresso and hot milk. And, because it happened to be Wednesday, the Dining section of the New York Times.P1010320 P1010319 P1010318

Much, much stickier than oat bran. Each bite certainly weighed more on my tongue, but the chew factor was infinitely inferior even to Quaker’s. Worth 15$? Not sure… but as for the Zingerman’s espresso beans… those I would gladly swim across the lake for.P1010321 P1010285

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  1. Helen permalink
    February 5, 2010 4:16 pm

    the mae wilson is my favorite. when the second location opens, i plan to immediately gain ten pounds.

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