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Runcible Spoon

August 20, 2009

INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 042 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 020 goodbye bloomington 388 goodbye bloomington 391 goodbye bloomington 392 goodbye bloomington 404

I’ve blogged about this. But it is so wonderful, and probably tied with Soma for the ultimate Bloomington experience. Where else can you eat dinner in an armchair and order whatever you want: breakfast and dinner combined? Fruit and yogurt and sauteed vegetables? Yes please. Pancakes with the circumference of a bicycle tire, made with whole grain flours and studded with anything from chocolate chips to granola to fresh fruit. Humungous omelets (egg white, if you wish) with gooey layers of cheese. Geometrically cut whole wheat toast with apple butter. The Black Russian sandwich: a vegetarian Reuben of sorts with sauteed vegetables (the best ever), colby cheese and house dressing on black bread. Eggs benedict. Spice-coated, fatty salmon over a salad that has never been the same twice.

INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 032INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 033 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 034 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 038 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 022 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 021 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 012 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 023 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 152 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 154 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 155 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 044 goodbye bloomington 101  goodbye bloomington 436 goodbye bloomington 102 goodbye bloomington 180 goodbye bloomington 409 goodbye bloomington 467 goodbye bloomington 469 goodbye bloomington 506goodbye bloomington 507 They also gave me a free refill on yogurt.

Dessert, also always changing. Oh, and how about their take on Soma’s White Zombie, the Blonde Mocha (much better, if you ask me)?  goodbye bloomington 390INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 035

Oh, and did I mention that they close the restaurant at 10 and the coffee/ dessert bar at midnight? And that their bathroom was apparently featured on the discovery channel?

goodbye bloomington 394 goodbye bloomington 397 goodbye bloomington 398 goodbye bloomington 403 goodbye bloomington 402

And my favorite tattooed waitress never fails to compliment my gladiator sandals.

That’s about all I can put into words about Runcible Spoon. It’s like dining in someone’s living room, ordering whatever you want whenever you want. But it’s not a diner—it’s so much more than that. You sort of have to go there to experience it. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for now.

Oh, and PS. I have a terrible to confession to make. I now eat my omelets with ketchup. I know. I don’t want to talk about it.

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