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My Daily Haunts

June 27, 2009

To start off, here are some nice Bloomington photos.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 030 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 031

Waking bright and early… I need to sleep more.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 073 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 036

I can’t get enough of these places. And sometimes pictures speak louder than words (I know I just mixed two expressions together):


I love this place. Bottom line. I love Laughing Planet Upstairs, I love the record store in the back, and I love the vintage store attached to it. It has amazing earrings as well as clothes (some of the earrings are coke bottles, rubber lizards, hearts that say “Contraire, Mon Frere", old watch parts, puzzle pieces, etc. I would buy them all if I didn’t restrain myself.

Anyways, there has only been one day that I haven’t come here. I’ve come to recognize a lot of the same people and listened in on some extremely entertaining conversations. The place is just chill, for lack of a better word.

I’m trying to cut down on coffee (the acidity is probably burning a hole in my stomach lining) 😦 but they do have some good cappuccinos. But as it gets hotter and hotter (90 degrees sometimes!), I find myself ordering smoothies more often than not. I almost always add yogurt. So far I have tried:

-Farmer Tim: blueberries, rhubarb, peaches, apple juice

-Strawberry banana

-Banana Colada: banana, pineapple juice, coconut (you couldn’t really taste the coconut though)

-Fruit and Cream smoothies, once with strawberry and once with peach. These have fruit, soy creamer, vanilla and apple juice and the peach is the best smoothie I’ve had so far!

-Yerba mate latte with honey

-Chai latte… this was sweet, but not cloying. I would get it again.

-And I’ve only tried one of their baked goods so far, the Cosmic Muffin, but it was AMAZING. I was actually astonished by how good it was, since it’s vegan and whole wheat and everything. It’s pumpkin-based, with chunks of dried fruit and a lot of nutmeg. It took me two days to eat, it was that big. I’m looking forward to trying their other cookies/ scones/ muffins, which are all vegan.

Oh yeah, I ordered vegetable juice one day—beet carrot ginger, and it was certainly vibrant-looking, but I have to say that after drinking a quarter of it, I started to feel nauseous. I don’t think vegetable juice is for me unless it also has some kind of fruit in it.

My friend Carol Ann likes to order something called the Swamp Monster, which is an iced Americano with soy creamer and mint syrup… it sounds kind of gross… and it’s actually green, but it was really good! The mint wasn’t overpowering, but it was kind of like mint chocolate chip ice cream, minus the chocolate.


+ Laughing Planetlaughing planet006INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 168

That would be the Spinach Black Bean burrito (naked, no tortilla) with salsa and jack cheese. I love the way the spinach was like a blanket for hidden strands of melted cheese at the bottom of the bowl… unearthing the beans and cheese was nearly as fun as eating this. I forgot how amazing cheese is. I should eat it more often.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 170

This one’s a little lighter: An Asian Vegetable bowl with seitan and Thai peanut sauce. The sauce was so thick, it was basically peanut butter. I could have spread it on toast. But when I added it to the bowl it liquified in the heat and coated every grain of rice. As for the vegetables, I remember broccoli, bamboo shoots, sugar snap peas, carrots, and bok choy.laughing planet002 

Runcible Spoon… breakfast all day? Oatmeal and scrambled eggs and yogurt at 7 pm? Why the hell not? INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 010

Curried peanut soup. Filling,but dairy-free. Thin enough to be eaten on the side, so as not to steal the spotlight away from the SALMON SALAD. I don’t know what kind of salmon this is, and I know it must be farmed, because what body of water are we near here? But somehow they cook it so it’s just a little underdone in the center and the spice coating is perfection. The salad also had little morsels of feta cheese—a nice surprise.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 011 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 012 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 020  INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 144 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 146

Picking mulberries before brunch

INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 147 MUCH needed coffee..,. and free refills!INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 148 Blonde mocha—made with lightly roasted beans, similar to Soma’s Zombie. I had a sip of this. It was mild, but I heard these things have a LOT of caffeine. I’ll probably order one sometime.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 152 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 153 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 154 CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS ONE PANCAKE? The batter is whole wheat buttermilk, and you can get whatever toppings you want, which are put directly into the batter. I got banana and blueberry. This pancake was so good, I can’t stress it enough. More often than not pancakes are pasty and have no staying power, so the more you eat, the hungrier you get (kind of how I feel about Pad Thai). Because of the whole wheat flour and fruit, I actually felt like I was eating something with nutritional value as well as taste. I don’t think I could even finish a quarter of this thing, given the amount of food I ordered in addition to this.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 155 Omelet with corned beef, cheese, and I don’t know what else. But how can she put ketchup on it? NOOOO….INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 159 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 157 Eggs Benedict… Hi Erica! I hope you’re reading this!INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 160 The aftermath

Somebody else’s food that I sneakily photographed.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 161

There is so much more to write about… the farmer’s market (which i’m going to tomorrow), the Taste of Bloomington, Roots, the vegetarian restaurant, Tibetan food, etc. But I have to stop. I have to sleep. But TGIF, is all I can say… TGIF.

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  1. ROBert permalink
    June 29, 2009 1:55 am

    Ooh, I really liked the Farmer Tim and that pancake looked tumultuous. Free coffee refills are my thing.

    And, did you know that French Roast involves tobacco flavor in the aftertaste? I never liked french roast anyway but still…

    That’s a nice fun.

  2. Ariel Zeitlin Cooke permalink
    June 29, 2009 7:43 pm

    who could forget about cheese? “blessed are the cheesemakers,” that’s all i can say.

  3. Froma Zeitlin permalink
    July 2, 2009 5:25 am

    I’m so glad you’ve started blogging again. this town sure has some really cool eateries. that’s the one advantage of a big university, with nothing else nearby. I certainly don’t remember Ann Arbor (Michigan) with such available goodies, but then I was there a long time ago and only for 2 weeks (and in the dead of winter, to boot). don’t forget to get some shorts and lighter clothing

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