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Bloomington Day 3:

June 17, 2009

Eventually I’m going to have to stop numbering these days.

Anyways, not too much to report today, foodwise. I went running in the morning, then just barely had time to come back and make breakfast: Kashi Heart to Heart with 2% milk and a banana (and a spoonful of almond butter thrown in there at the last minute), a cup of chai and a thing of chocolate soy milk.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 001

Lunch was dining hall food again because our teacher ate with us briefly. I got a hummus wrap… THERE WAS SO MUCH HUMMUS ON THIS THING. Maybe 1/2 a cup? I’m not even kidding. I don’t know why hummus was listed under “meat” and not “condiments”… it was literally a wrap stuffed with hummus and every vegetable except for olives and red onions. The guy working there asked me why I didn’t like those two, just to make conversation… I guess they both leave bad aftertastes. I didn’t take a photo of this, but I ate the entire thing (and an apple)… Let’s just say that I hope that hummus in my fridge doesn’t go bad, because I don’t think I’ll be wanting any for a while.

I can’t believe I had 5 HOURS OF CLASS TODAY. It really wasn’t that bad though. In fact, it was interesting… I can’t believe that I can already read, even if it takes me forever and I don’t know what the words mean (With the exception of a few phrases).

Of course I went back to Soma and got caught in the rain on the way there. This time I had a double cappuccino. It was great—once again, their coffee is STRONG, just the way I like it. I also learned something new: a breve is espresso with half and half.. not that this is unique to Soma; I just learned about it today.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 005 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 006 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 002 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 007 I could read this!!

For dinner some friends and I went down the street to a Creole place, Yats. It was cheap, and their entire menu changes every day (to a certain extent) and is written on the blackboard. Pretty heavy food, but there were vegetarian options. No salads or anything, just lots of etouffees and stews. Plus at least 6 different kinds of hot sauce.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 008 INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 009

THE PORTIONS WERE RIDICULOUS. I ordered half of the vegan succotash (kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, hominy—this was really interesting, almost like chickpeas but starchier, peppers, corn and okra) and half of the artichoke and cheese etouffee. This was really rich but SO velvety and good. I ate almost all of the etouffee and left a ton of rice and succotash. I took it home with me. I’m a poor college student now!INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 013

Chicken creoleINTENSIVE RUSSIAN 014

Thai chicken creole in a spicy peanut sauce.INTENSIVE RUSSIAN 015

Well, paka everyone! I’m going to go finish my homework.

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  1. Froma Zeitlin permalink
    June 17, 2009 9:24 pm

    hummus in the fridge lasts forever and ever. don’t worry.

  2. Aoife permalink
    June 23, 2009 3:02 am

    Hey, you seem to be quite the avid runner now Lida. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your course, and the food too. Cafeteria food isn’t always that bad though, is it? I usually like it because there is usually so much to choose from…

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