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Bye Bye Blackbird

June 14, 2009

blackbird 025 I leave tomorrow for Bloomington. Indiana, not Illinois. It’s at least a 4 hour drive from/to Chicago, there is no public transport, and I’m there for an intensive Russian program that lasts 9 WEEKS. During my free time (Aka not during the 5 hours of class a day + homework and lectures), I will hopefully be able to return to Chicago. But how? I can’t drive. There’s no bus. But I’ll find a way. Worst case scenario, I’ll hitchhike.

Anyways, my program looks something like this:

Digital Lang. Lab

Plus phonetics lectures…

I’m not sure what the foodiness factor will be, but here’s the email exchange between my mom and some person who lives in Bloomington:

Mom– “she is a "foodie" vegetarian–are there any nice cafes, restaurants, little groceries you’d recommend?”

Person– “I’m not totally informed about vegetarian restaurants per se, but Roots on the Courthouse Square is very popular, some of the smaller ethnic restaurants are primarily vegetarian, like Samira our Afghani one, or Shanti our Indian one or our many Tibetan ones (the Dali Lama’s family lives here and we have two or three Buddhist monasteries).”

In my opinion, that sounds pretty cool! I hear there are also supposed to be central Asian/ Eastern European cooking demonstrations.

ANYWAYS. The second part of my birthday food fest was dinner at Blackbird. 

blackbird 027 blackbird 058 blackbird 031 blackbird 038blackbird 029   blackbird 030 blackbird 037blackbird 041 blackbird 046 blackbird 047 blackbird 050 blackbird 061 blackbird 063 blackbird 064 blackbird 066 blackbird 073 blackbird 074

blackbird 075 blackbird 078 blackbird 072 blackbird 079

I know, I’m too lazy to write captions. I will…. later

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  1. Froma Zeitlin permalink
    June 17, 2009 9:18 pm

    I know Blackbird. the menu is so crazy exotic; the bisque with the frogs’ legs– just for starters

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