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Swiss Chard and Yogurt Cheese

February 25, 2009

february near set 120 I know I haven’t been blogging, but sometimes, you taste something so delicious, you just want to run to your computer and remember it.

Tonight’s dinner was a supper for one, thrown together in about 30 minutes based on what was in the fridge:

-couscous and leftover vegetable tagine (with chickpeas, sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, celery, zucchini, and caramelized onions)

-Sauteed rainbow chard with garlic, roast peppers, caramelized onions (both made by my mom earlier in the week), raisins, cinnamon, cumin, and the key component, some yogurt cheese (labneh) stirred in at the end.

The yogurt cheese made the consistancy so creamy, almost like an Indian spinach dish. It was sweet, sour, a little spicy, and wonderful with the couscous.

And I couldn’t help it– I had to satisfy my hummus– Kashi cracker craving.

I’ll be back sometime. When, I don’t know. Life is good.february near set 119

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