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Wintry dinners

January 24, 2009

After hiatus 014

Stir-fries of sugar snaps, bean sprouts, frozen tofu (has the consistency of scrambled eggs), mushrooms, and daikon + winter squash

After hiatus 022 After hiatus 023 After hiatus 025

Roasted broccoli, harissa shrimp, dal

After hiatus 054 After hiatus 056

Steamed egg custard, stir-fried Chinese greens and mushrooms (possibly the best ji dan geng my dad has ever made– silky mouth feel, and when you scoop out chunks of egg it leaves a savory broth of soy sauce and sesame oil)

After hiatus 073

After hiatus 076 After hiatus 078

Dinner party: the guest didn’t know English and ate the roast chicken in a rice bowl with chopsticks.

For me, it was a lot of fiber and no protein, but the soup was great– a broth of dried shrimp, watercress, garlic, ginger, scallions, carrots, and seaweed.

After hiatus 129 After hiatus 133 After hiatus 134After hiatus 136

More harissa shrimp, broccoli and shiitake mushrooms, butternut squash and roasted red pepper soup

 After hiatus 143 After hiatus 146

 After hiatus 147

THIS WAS AMAZING. The epitome of health food (although I ate so much I’m not sure if it would still be considered healthy)– a one pot meal of spinach, winter melon, soft tofu, carrot, glass noodles in my dad’s usual broth.After hiatus 183 After hiatus 180

After hiatus 176 

Whipped this up for my parents at the last minute: stew with chickpeas, eggplant, and bell peppers with couscous and a salad with feta, pomegranate seeds, and pomegranate molasses dressing.

After hiatus 196After hiatus 197 After hiatus 200

Mapo tofu, stir-fried greens (Aaack, what are these things called? They’re not bok choy….)

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