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I have returned!

January 2, 2009

Hey, everybody! Happy New Year! Wow, what a trip! I must say, I was a bit sad to return to Chicago… the weather sucks and the city just isn’t accessible in the same way. All the same, it’s nice to be home. Meanwhile, I have a LOT to update on, and I just don’t think I have the energy to do it tonight. We got home at 6 our time (7) NY time and I’m pretty exhausted.
I came home to find my fall quarter grades… STRAIGHT As, BABY! Needless to say I was pretty thrilled… I tacked them on the refrigerator.
For dinner, my parents had what I suppose is “improved instant ramen”– Literally takes 10 minutes. I guess it’s Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee: the Asian version. Ha, I just cracked myself up… didn’t realize she already had an Asian last name!
No, but seriously… It looked delicious, but I really refrain from instant ramen… the ingredients list is just way too hard to decipher. I couldn’t resist taking a picture though: into it went basically everything in the fridge that was still edible– cherry tomatoes, endive, cilantro, and egg.
I defrosted some pumpkin and lentil stew and had some bread and celery with hummus.

Sometimes the simplest food is the best. Tomorrow I’ll be investing a good chunk of time in doing highlights of New York (in individual posts)… I might do some picture posts while I’m here, though.
Good night!
Oh, and about New Years resolutions…
I try not to make too many. This year I have:
1) While food is a huge part of my life, and I think I may have discovered my passion, I really need to make room for other interests and hobbies I used to devote more time to, i.e. writing, drawing, reading Russian lit, studying languages, etc. etc.
2) Just spend less time on the computer doing “mindless” stuff… especially browsing through food blogs! Other than checking up on my favorite ones, I really don’t want to blow an hour just looking at photos. Spend time away from the computer doing other stuff, like in 1)
3) I kind of slacked off this quarter, despite the straight As. I need to be more organized and STUDY for my APs! The problem is that my “AP” classes are actually the ones where the workload is less, which will be bad for the AP grade in the longrun. I need to devote just 10-15 minutes per class reviewing every day.
I think about my old resolutions from my old middle school journals, which I used to write in religiously.
I don’t know if this is interesting for anybody else, but this is certainly weird to find (from 8th grade).
“Lida’s Resolutions for 2006
1) I WILL try to get at least 8 hours of sleep on weekdays. This means I have to turn out the lights at 11, so get in bad at 10:30-10:45
2) I WILL do 50 situps every day, rain or shine
3) I WILL try to keep my room clean so I can redecorate it. Ditto the playroom (from my old house) so it can be turned into a place to hang out!
4) I WILL care less what people think of me.
5) I WILL NOT go online while doing homework unless it is to get help on said homework
6) number six is middle school relationship drama… basically, don’t obsess waiting for a certain relationship to end and “have fun with other guys”. AAA middle school…
7) I WILL make at least 2 more friends that are guys (what was wrong with me? Who actively thinks about “making friends” like that?)
8) I WILL keep writing my novel– a work in progress
9) I WILL try as hard as possible to go swimming every weekend

The funny thing is that when it comes to the sleep, organization, exercise, etc. I haven’t changed much at all. But in terms of caring what people think of me and making more friends, I’ve opened up so much more. I ‘m just happier in general, and less stressed out. Just seeing these changes in the kinds of resolutions that I have are setting 2009 off to a good start.

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