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Yummy eggs and cucumber

December 12, 2008

Apologies for not blogging yesterday! I had to rewrite my english paper for the THIRD TIME, and also had two hours of piano yesterday– Wednesdays are busy!
Yesterday’s eats:
Breakfast: oats with 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup oat milk, 1 whole banana, almond extract, almonds, and almond butter.
and a pear.

Lunch: I made the MOST delicious wrap (I guess it was more of a burrito) with leftover kale and mole. I also had carrots, hummus, and an apple.

I came home right after school and got to work on my paper. I was pretty hungry before leaving for piano, and knew I wouldn’t get to eat till around 8, so I had a big snack of (what else is new?) cottage cheese, greek yogurt, grapenuts, and blueberries.

Dinner was very fast and light: my dad made shrimp wonton soup that was very authentic: lots of seaweed, cilantro and vegetables. My one concern: the wontons have MSG… At first I refused to eat them, but then my dad got kind of annoyed and did all this research about how it isn’t that dangerous. What are your views?
Big bowl and small bowl (him and me):

Dessert: an apple

Breakfast, which I pretty much had to wolf down: oatmeal with 1/2 oats, 1/2 cup soy, stevia, 1/2 banana, vanilla, cinnamon, candied walnuts, flax, and peanut butter.
A tangerine
A chai latte using the rest of our milk… WE MUST GO GROCERY SHOPPING ASAP!

For some reason, I really needed a snack between breakfast and lunch… so I had a honey graham z-bar, which I didn’t take a photo of.

Lunch was pretty light but satisfying: leftover wonton soup, more carrots and hummus, and an apple.

After lunch, my dad and I had a funny arrangement: he had a meeting, so he picked up my school stuff and clothes, and I went for a run by the lake and ran straight to my house afterwards! It was a really clever plan. At first I was nervous about running alone, mainly that I would get bored or slip on ice, but it was such a gorgeous day that I couldn’t wait to get going! When I got to the lake, I just wanted to stare at the sky all day: the moon was out in the day time, and it was streaked with purple and pinkish blue. At one point, I ran through a huge flock of Canadian geese and got a little freaked out. Anyways, this was a very long run for me to do on my own, even though it wasn’t that long: I ran from school to the playground on 43d, then back to my house instead of all the way back to school. I stopped and stretched at the playground, but I’d say I still did a good 3 miles without stopping at all. All in all, the run was probably about 5 miles, and I felt mentally and physically great the whole time: I got into a rhythm, I was with my thoughts, and I felt happy to be outside.
I got back and had the same snack I do every day, and I’m almost embarrassed to put it up: cottage cheese, yogurt, blueberries, pumpkin butter, and a combination of GoLean Crunch and Mighty Bites.

My dad made a fast dinner: stir-fried eggs and cucumbers. I know it sounds weird to eat cooked cucumbers, but when they’re not too watery they taste just like zucchini. This dish is so delicious! He also defrosted some unagi (eel) for himself… it’s already prepared Japanese-style. I took some, but didn’t end up eating it. I usually like it, but it wasn’t in the mood. Guess we’ve been in a defrosting mood lately, considering there is no food in the house! I defrosted some pumpkin and lentil stew and had that on the side. I ended up eating a lot because I was really hungry (probably because of my run)– I had seconds on rice and ate half the plate of eggs (2 eggs per person).

I feel so excited to have gotten my urge for running back! I go through phases: swimming phases, workout machine phases, etc. I try to vary my workouts, but I also enjoy seeing results as I improve specific sports.
By the way, I’m so excited that I’m getting more comments on the blog! If you’ve been reading, I just want to thank you and encourage you to comment! It really does make my day, and I would love to see your websites too!
EDITED to add dessert:
a pear and the last spoonful of my Snickerdoodle ice cream

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  1. Rosso permalink
    December 12, 2008 2:20 pm

    Hi there, this is a great lil food blog. Most of your food choices are excellent. Please do check out my blog for tips and diet and health, and most importantly why something is good or bad for you.

    I write in simple english void of any scientific jargon.

    All the best

  2. Santa Barbara Dreaming permalink
    December 12, 2008 4:58 pm

    Wow, your mole burrito looks fantastic! I’m so glad to hear you had such a great run! 🙂 it’s so nice when you can get in a rhythm and get that ‘runner’s high’ goin on. I go through phases too, esp with running. I sometimes love it and cant get enough, and I sometimes hate it as well. Haha. But I always love yoga!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Anonymous permalink
    December 21, 2008 5:49 am

    I wonder who the owners of these other comments are. Do you know them? or are they part of the ‘food blog’ network? I realize I hadn’t been reading for a while, so I had a lot to catch up on. where did the delicious gingerbread come from? and I love the photos of the views outside the windows, even though I wish it wasn’t winter, or that I was where it was WARM. Thinking of Costa Rica, Mexico…sigh

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