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AAA, camera is MIA

November 25, 2008

I’m telling myself that I’ll find my camera, which was in my pencil case. Of course, the one day I can’t find my camera case and decide to put my camera in my pencil case, I leave my pencil case at at school. It had better be in my locker… that’s all I can say. so alas, today’s post is picture-less for now.
Breakfast: VERY SWEET. In theory, dessert for breakfast. It fixed my sweet tooth, though!
2 pieces of banana bread with peanut butter, some berries, and a mug of hot chocolate (must get rid of all this milk!) with 2 tiny kosher marshmallows that just melted in.
I didn’t have a snack between breakfast and lunch, but I ended up eating my snack (a Clif nectar bar) at lunch anyways, so I think I should probably still have a snack to keep my blood sugar up. the bar was good… like a Larabar, but less dense.
For lunch I had a great sandwich, although not very filling: pumpernickel-rye bread with avocado, a Laughing Cow, spinach, and sliced green apple.
on the side: a carrot and some grapes.
After school (it feels so nice not to have swim practice!) I took a long walk with my friend Becca, who goes to boarding school. When I got home I was pretty hungry, so I had cottage cheese with a chopped up pear, cinnamon, and a handful of Grapenuts.
My dad cooked a fast, satisfying dinner today… I definitely ate too much, but a lot of that was soup and fiber: he made soup noodles with tons of Chinese flat noodles, fresh mushrooms, pickled cabbage, Chinese greens, carrots, ginger, sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and silken tofu. He also opened up a can of this Buddhist dish (Chinese canned food is surprisingly good!) that has seitan, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and quail eggs (I didn’t eat the quail eggs).
And now I am so full…
Thanksgiving is so soon! It’ll be weird with my mom gone, but my dad and I are planning something fun with his grad students.

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  1. eatingbender permalink
    November 25, 2008 3:11 am

    You and me are TWINS! Twilight and Harry Potter-obsessed ladies living in the Windy City :o)

    To answer your question on my blog about the Clif bars…

    I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE, either!! But then I went into an outdoor store near my school called Uncle Dan’s, and there they were! So I’d suggest going into a place like Dick’s Sporting Goods or The North Face to see if they have them in stock!

  2. Santa Barbara Dreaming permalink
    November 25, 2008 4:49 pm

    Hope you find your camera!

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