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Thursday: TWILIGHT!

November 23, 2008

Sorry, a LOT of updating is in order. As you will see from this post, I’ve been out a lot.
Thursday was extremely exciting because Page and I saw the midnight (12:01 to be exact) showing of TWILIGHT! AAAAA!
Breakfast (this feels like such a long time ago) was incredible! It might just have been the presentation, but it really didn’t take that much more time. Believe it or not, I was inspired by a PAULA DEEN recipe for pumpkin gingerbread trifle. Of course, hers had tons of whipped cream, sugar, and cookies.
Here’s my version:
alternating layers of pumpkin (mixed with maple syrup and spices), Greek yogurt, Grapenuts, half an overripe banana, wheat germ, flax, pecans, and a few honey graham sticks. It was so fun to eat!
In Art History, I had a Kashi bar… I’m getting kind of sick of these.
For lunch I went to Noodles Etc., the not-so-great Pan Asian restaurant by school. I ate much later than usual because I find that their noodle and rice dishes make me hungrier the more I eat (refined carbs, probably).
I ordered the Goma-ae, my favorite spinach dish EVER, which you see a lot in Korean restaurants: blanched spinach with a sweet sesame sauce. I also got the Tom Yum soup, which was spicy, with mushrooms, tomatoes and a few shrimp. The bowl was small and this was really light, but it actually filled me up.
In painting, I was starving, and my art teacher had some (slight bruised) apples in the room, so I had one. No photo, though.
After school, Page was going out to a 4:00 “dinner” with her dad, so I decided to go running and meet up with her later rather than go home and wait. It was freezing outside, so my running buddy Mollie and I just ran to the point and back… Maybe 2 miles? Then I went to the weight room and did some abs and lifting.
When I got to Page’s I was starving… she and her mom basically don’t cook, but I was actually looking forward to trying an Amy’s frozen dinner. I ended up trying the Tofu Rancheros, which was tofu scrambled with spices and a little cheese, roast potatoes, and black beans on the side. On the side, I steamed some asparagus that I drizzled with lemon, and I also had a porcini cutlet from Whole Foods. I felt bad for stealing all their food… The cutlet was a little oily, but good, like a veggie burger. Page said the hazelnut cutlets are better.
Page’s mom, Teresa’s dinner was fried eggs, tater tots and cheese.
Page and I did homework and basically spazzed out before the show. A little while later, we both got hungry, so we had some Honey Nut Cheerios. I eat so much more than her… my bowl had soy milk, a tiny banana, a chopped up apple, and a little peanut butter… and I still went back for a little more!
At around 10:00, we called for a cab. It felt so weird to be heading downtown this late on a school night! Before the show we wandered around trying to find a Starbucks that was open, but we succeeded. Page got a gingersnap (why did they change the name? It used to be gingerbread) latte and I got a nonfat mocha… so good. Next time, I plan on trying their new espresso truffle, which is hot chocolate with an espresso shot… kind of a “reverse mocha,” I guess.

We got to the movie really early to get a seat! It was crazy! People were dressed as vampires, or wearing shirts that they had either bought or made. My favorites were “save a volvo, ride a vampire” and “werewolves are the new black” (a reference to Jacob Black, if you’ve read the books).
The audience in the theater was a weird combination: 12 year old girls in their pajamas, people like us, gay guys, some old guys that went alone, and some couples. SOME ADVICE: DO NOT SEE THIS ON A DATE. The guys are so hot that you will want to stare at them the whole time.
The movie was so much better than the previews made it seen, and it was really faithful to the book. The author even made a cameo!
We were so exhilarated when we got home at around 2:30 that we wrote on tank tops that we wore to school the next day. Hers: TEAM EDWARD. Mine: TEAM JACOB. Underneath: 11/21/08, 12:01 AM.

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