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Running and chocolate

November 19, 2008

Today, chocolate seemed to play a theme in what I ate. I woke up craving it! I also woke up with a bizarre soreness in my quads and inner thighs. I hope I’m not getting sick…
Breakfast: oats with 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, 1 banana, trail mix, peanut butter, yogurt, and a pear on the side.
Snack: Kashi dark chocolate cherry bar (chocolate makes its second appearance).
Lunch: Leftover jambalaya, cottage cheese with berries, an apple, and some Kashi crackers and nuts.
After school I decided to go running with the Xcountry team! It made me so happy, especially since they’re running on their off-season, so everybody did whatever they wanted. My friend Mollie and I decided to go for an easy run by the lake– It was awesome because it was a slow pace, even for me, I didn’t want to overdo it when I haven’t even run 2 miles for months! I was afraid I would have to stop, but no, we ran 5 or 6 miles without stopping and I didn’t break a sweat (granted, it was freezing outside, but still)! I actually don’t even feel that tired! I guess it just says what swimming did for my cardio ability.
For some extra activity I also biked to and from school, but my seat was having problems and kept sliding down while I was on the bike. That was frustrating.
I got home and basically wasted time, but first had dessert before dinner! I had more hot chocolate (with 2% because my mom bought it by mistake and hot chocolate is an instance where you can really taste the difference), some raspberries, and a chocolate from the chocolate box our family friends brought us from Paris. The company is called Cacao and Chocolat, and the ganache I had was dark chocolate with ginger 🙂

I procrastinated for a while, then ate dinner and then played piano.
Dinner was one of our staple Chinese staples that I love. For some reason, my dad always makes these two dishes together: ji dan geng (steamed egg custard) and stir fried greens with silken tofu.
The custard is simple, although I’ve never made it myself: just eggs and water that you steam, then drizzle with soy sauce, sesame oil and chopped scallions. When you first dip your spoon in and cut through the smooth surface, you reveal a pool of scorching hot, salty soup underneath, which is just as fun to sip.
The tofu was great because the texture mirrored that of the eggs exactly.
I had some pre-cooked brown rice that I mixed with the white rice my dad had made because it was too dry.
After dinner I had a pear. And now I have to study for a Moby-Dick quote quiz.
By the way, my mom leaves Thursday for a month in China! It’ll be strange with her gone… I think I’ll probably be more independent and DEFINITELY cook more. I guess my dad and I will cook together or alternate, depending on how stressed out we are. We might also eat out more. I’d better start compiling a list of recipes…

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  1. Santa Barbara Dreaming permalink
    November 19, 2008 4:42 pm

    Chocolate!!!!!!! It’s the first thing I eat and the last thing I eat everyday!!! 🙂 Any breakfast that contains chocolate is a good breakfast 🙂
    We have a sea food restaurant named Moby Dick in my neighborhood… haha, and you’re reading the book. And please tell your mom Julia says Bon Voyage! I hope she has a safe trip, and that you don’t miss her too much and that you get to try out cool new recipes!

  2. Madame permalink
    November 19, 2008 11:58 pm

    I want some of that stuff your dad made!

    Have you tried Vosges Chocolate’s hot chocolate mix, the spicy one (it comes in an orange box)? It is so good.

    Love your blog! I’ll be back. Madame

  3. leucippe permalink
    November 26, 2008 2:06 am

    I’ve tried to leave comments more than once but google doesn’t like my password unless I sign up again. very weird. it will be strange to have Thanksgiving without you (as you without your mom). I hope you find your camera. I meanwhile can’t find my good car key, which is an absolute first for me. I’m fanatic about putting keys back. boo hoo.
    can you let me know that you actually get these comments and they are worth leaving for you?
    bye or now

  4. yoko permalink
    January 20, 2009 7:21 am

    MMMm.. that custard thing your dad made looks fantastic. i would bathe in it. Speaking of vosges, have you ever tried their curry ice cream?

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