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Pasta Party

November 16, 2008

Before I blog about Sectionals and today, I’ll go back to last night’s pasta party, which was a lot of fun! After practice, we headed over to the party (practice was pretty easy– just 6 100 yard sprint sets, warm up and cool down, and we were done!) .
It was different from my party by a lot, in that it was all Italian pasta. It was cute– my friend Aimee’s (who asked specifically to be put on the blog) parents put out vegetables, pita chips, pretzels, delicious hummus, and salsa out for us to munch.
I ate a LOT of veggies and hummus.

I really liked the way the pasta and sauces were set up– very Flat Top-ish and clever!

There were 4 different pasta shapes: corkscrew, spaghetti, rice noodles, and ravioli, and they were all served naked without sauce.
On the side there was vegetarian marinara sauce, non-vegetarian marinara, pesto, low-fat alfredo, mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes, grilled peppers, cheese, and olives, as well as a huge salad with romaine, feta, and tomatoes.
I loaded my first plate with half salad (no dressing was really needed), vegetables, pesto, marinara, and a little of each kind of pasta. The gigantic cheese ravioli hit the spot!
For my second plate, I just got refills on marinara (I could literally drink sauce… I’m weird that way), salad and vegetables 🙂
Despite dessert not even being the kind of dessert I usually eat, I thought I deserved it and ate it with relish.
There was store-bought angel food cake, homemade chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, strawberries, and Cool Whip.

I wanted a little of everything (except the Cool Whip) and took half a cookie, and small pieces of each cake, along with a glass of milk to wash it down.
After dinner we sang karaoke and made signs for the meet. I was so nervous! I went home and went STRAIGHT to bed, I was so exhausted.

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