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Je ne cuisine pas trop souvent, mais je mange tout les temps

October 12, 2008

It’s true that I just never seem to cook. I’ve gone through cooking obsession phases, but lately it seems like all I ever do is eat. Of course, this has to do with swimming too… We swam 2.7 miles yesterday and my mom and I went to a friendly neighborhood restaurants, where I had to order SECONDS on rice and vegetables at a restaurant with already big portions! I can feel myself bulking up, and I need to eat even when food might not be the most appealing, just because I need fuel.
Oh, and I just have to rejoice a bit: my 100 breast stroke time is a 1:24 so far!!!!!!
That being said, we certainly do eat tasty meals at home:
Stir-fried eggplant with carrots and a mysterious Chinese sauce that we get in China town, one of my dad’s “everything” stir-fries with summer squash, carrots, soybeans, and peppers, plus brown rice.
Salad with those candied pecans, feta, and more of the white beets. The pasta Patrizia gave me with tuna, capers and roasted red peppers (could have been a lot more sauce to pasta– we accidentally made too much), and roasted pear-squash-ginger soup with Greek yogurt and pumpkin seeds.

This amazing and simple fish dish, according to my mom: baked tilapia with herbs, potatoes and olive oil, with salad and leftover soup.
Once again, I LOVE ARTOPOLIS BAKERY’S VEGETARIAN MOUSSAKA? It’s such an indulgence. We got their butternut squash soup, but it smelled so strongly of chicken stock that it might as well have been the pan juices of a freshly roasted chicken. Alas.
We tried to cook spaghetti squash, but there was a misunderstanding. From reading other peoples’ blogs, I know that the easiest way is to first bake it, but according to Deborah Madison, you were supposed to scoop out the raw insides and drop them in boiling water, which proved impossible because the strands weren’t long enough. It also made the squash really watery. It was still good, though. We ate it with tomato sauce, feta, stir-fried broccoli, and I had the tiniest bit of brown rice (the presentation is all nice because I microwaved it in the container and it retained that shape).
Dinner: The baked mushrooms and eggs that failed earlier (but only my mom had an egg, because I had eggs for lunch). This time the egg wasn’t overcooked and the mushrooms were perfectly moist. The croutons absorbed their juice and the additional cooking liquid from the red wine and became spongy and flavorful. We also had corn on the cob and stir-fried beet greens, which were a bit too salty and too tough to eat the stems. You can also see some overripe farmer’s market tomatoes that we had to use up. I also had a fresh veggie burger from Trader Joe’s on the side: the ingredients list is actually really short: just tofu, vegetable oil, salt, and various vegetables. My plate looks really unappealing because the ketchup sprayed everywhere.

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