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Fresh food… how colorful it is

October 12, 2008

Here’s some stuff from the farmer’s market last week (yes, I am really behind on posting). Family friends were in town, and the weather was perfectly crisp and autumnal… unlike today, which was 80 DEGREES! Too hot for me for sure.

STEEL-CUT OATS! With raspberries, raspberry preserves, and cream. Sadly, I had already eaten my oatmeal at home, so I wasn’t the one who got this, but I did get to have a bite. I should definitely start making steel-cut at home, because the texture difference is really pronounced.
My grandparents were in town, and they pretty much went crazy at the farmer’s market. They bought a breakfast sandwich with bacon eggs, and potatoes, but the healthy version (or the closest you can get to it). My grandpa ate all of it, but my grandma proclaimed it “horrible.” Don’t know why.
Butternut squash tart– I pretty much ate the squash out of the inside but didn’t eat the outside (my dad would only let me do this to one piece– I know it’s a waste but I hate puff pastry).
Lunch after coming back from the market.
Dinner that night, cooked for family friends:
My dad’s stir-fried string beans
Roasted sweet potatoes
Tofu and scallions for me
Beer can chicken for everyone else
Salad with white beets (highest sugar content… really unbelievably sweet), candied pecans, croutons, and red peppers.

Dessert: pear tart, which I actually wasn’t there for (aaaa, look at the grease). I left early to go to Homecoming, which was just so bad that I left after under an hour. Remind me to just stop going to school dances.

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