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Ho Hum, my arm is bruised, and so are the peaches that I turned into ice cream

September 5, 2008

I have never felt so sleep-deprived in my life. I think I’ve gotten maybe 11 hours in 3 DAYS? I usually get 9 hours a night! I feel so tired that I feel constantly awake (and I haven’t had any caffeine). Practice yesterday wasn’t that strenuous, so I didn’t get tired until 1 AM, but then I woke up at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was starving, probably 1) from jet lag (it would have been dinnertime) and 2) I’m always hungry in the morning. I kept trying to sleep, but got up and had breakfast at 7:00. I ate a lot, but still didn’t feel totally full:
-Whole wheat cinnamon raisin English muffin (1 half with almond butter, 1 with peanut butter)
-A bowl of a combination of cottage cheese, buttermilk, and Greek yogurt with grape nuts, peach, berries, wheat germ, cinnamon, nuts, and a drizzle of honey.
-Rooibos tea with milk

After breakfast, I went back to “sleep–” aka staring at the insides of my eyelids until 10. My mom had slept more than me, but she also woke up in the middle of the night. Today was not a good day at the beginning. I was under-slept, my mom and I were yelling at each other the entire morning, I found out that I can’t take Russian at U of C because it won’t fit into my schedule, and we had to rush for lunch and everything else because my mom had to go downtown for Pilates.
Lunch was very hurried and badly presented, since I was in such a rush (and rage): Grilled portabello mushrooms (brushed with balsamic and olive oil) on potato buns, pickles, carrots and peppers with hummus, and the rest of the tomato soup. It’s amazing how the quinoa acts as a thickener. As for the mushrooms, I wish there was some way to add more protein to them (other than cheese), because I just end up slathering them with ketchup. We were out of salad or anything green, so there was no crunch. Oh well.
Swim practice… I knew that it would make me feel better and more awake, although we had to do kick sets with shoes today! I know that sounds unsanitary and it probably is, but our coach says that the chemicals in the pool kill the bacteria. We had a meet today that I didn’t have to compete in, but it was incredible that people were expected to do the workout that we did and then compete in 4 events each. Crazy.
The bruise from yesterday has turned bright purple and hurts a LOT. It didn’t help today that after our kick sets (he made us dive in and do IM order (butterfly, backstroke, breast stroke, freestyle) sprints with shoes on!!! Satanist. And more than one set of these!), we had to sprint, get out, jump back in, sprint, get out, jump back in– climbing in and out of the pool, scraping my arms and legs in the same place every time. Ow.
After practice I had a banana that had gotten disgustingly mushed in my bag. We won the meet, but it wasn’t fair, considering the other team only had 8 people.
I got home more than an hour later and was starving, even though I didn’t race today. I had a little trail mix and some milk.
For dinner, we had: Salmon steaks with berry glaze from The Philosopher’s Kitchen, by Francine Segan. Basically, it’s just grilled salmon drizzled with a little bit of butter (gasp), sauteed with shallots and raspberry vinegar, then served with raspberries. The sweetness of the salmon went perfectly with the tartness of the berries, and I also added a squirt of lemon and some cayenne.
On the side we had boiled purple fingerlings with mixed herbs and a drizzle of olive oil, some sliced tomatoes with basil, and finally, just a simple green salad (sorry about the picture).
Because one of my best friends and her mom are coming over for dinner tomorrow night and I’m supposed to be cooking, I decided to make the peach ice cream tonight. The problem is, making ice cream is actually pretty simple, but everything seemed to go wrong. First of all, I curse Mark Bittman for not specifying what heat to heat the custard mixture at, because it curdled and I had to strain it through a sieve, which took ages– but at least it ended up alright. Second of all, it took us about an hour to figure out just how to use the ice cream maker– I’ve only used it once, and that was for blood orange sorbet, which was much simpler. We kept thinking that we were missing a part, since we couldn’t find the instructions and all the instructions online were for older models. FINALLY we found the instructions and put it together.
I combined a few different recipes for this:
Peach Ginger Ice Cream (yes, this is so creamy and decadent I think it’s going to have to be the side to something else):
-1 1/2 cups cream, 1/2 cup milk (or any combination of the two)
-6 eggs
-1/2 cup sugar
-1 cup pureed peaches
-a tsp grated ginger
-I also decided to add in some chopped peaches and crystallized ginger at the end.
All you have to do is heat the milk, cream and ginger, combine the eggs and sugar, and when the milk has boiled, add a little bit of the milk to the eggs and whisk. Then add the eggs into the cream and heat. When it’s thick enough (this was my mistake– I let it curdle), turn off the heat, add the peaches, and cool. When it’s cool enough, pour into ice cream maker. When the ice cream maker can’t churn it any more because it’s too thick, add in the peaches and ginger, then put the ice cream bowl back in the freezer for overnight.
I’m not sure what else I’m making tomorrow, but I know I’m making either a carrot or Kabocha squash soup, in addition to some kind of chickpea dish with the most delicious specialty brown rice that my mom got me for my birthday. Sounds simple and monastic, but we’ll see (both my friend and her mom are vegetarians. Her mom used to be a vegan), and I might make a dessert to go with the ice cream… fruit crisp, maybe?
I really should sleep. I think I’ll take a sleeping pill tonight.

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