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August 11, 2008

It is with pleasure that I report the purchase of a package of brown rice from the supermarket. For some reason, brown rice and whole grains are hard to come by here, and every time I eat pasty, unfilling white rice I miss its nutty counterpart.
This is a healthy post. Sorry to those hot chocolate-macaroon readers. Anyway, before my swimming session (1.5 hours with a coach) today I decided maybe I should have a little snack (I ate breakfast early), so I had a Luna tea cake. Not sure what I think of them. A lot of calories in about four square inches, but that was good for what I was aiming for. As for the flavor, not bad. The one I had was vanilla macadamia.
When I came back exhausted from swimming, I found a rice cooker full of brown rice waiting! We ordered dishes from downstairs. I had tomato and egg and baby bok choy, and my parents had some kind of chicken with hot peppers, along with some plain bing/ pancakes.
After that rice I feel so fulfilled. But I am so tired. I think I’ll take a nap.

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